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Bales Bulldogs

Welcome to Bales

You Matter! Every Scholar, Every Day.

We are proud to be a B Rated school, serving students from kindergarten through 8th grade in Buckeye, Arizona. We hope you grow with us!


We believe in building a school community of confident leaders through collaboration while embracing and celebrating diversity. 

You matter-every student, every day. 


Bales students are building a foundation for success through critical thinking and ambitious aspirations for the future. 

Core Values

  • Every child deserves the opportunity to be part of something great.
  • We have high expectations for ALL.
  • We will build a foundation for ALL students to learn at high levels through ambitious and equitable instruction. 
  • Collaboration and communication will drive our school success.
  • We will have a growth mindset as we reflect and celebrate challenges and successes.
  • Our community will carry the banner for our school, in a positive light, at all times.